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Do You Need A Check Up From The Neck Up?

I promise … the title of today’s blog is not a trick question. But I’ll bet I got your attention! ūüôā

My morning began¬†not unlike most other mornings. As I’ve mentioned before, I pretty much follow a routine … although I’m working on being¬†more flexible. I wasn’t too far into my day and, unfortunately, some negativity started creeping in. It’s kind of like that little piece of lint that sticks to your clothing and no matter how many times you try to “flick it off,” it won’t go away. Annoying and distracting all at the same time.¬†Anyway, I’m generally a very positive person … but even I can fall prey! Without the right mindset, it’s really easy to get sucked into things that aren’t productive. As you might surmise, my day¬†was off to a rocky start!


As part of my new routine, I try to feed into as much positive input as I can. I’m wide open to learning about people and ideas that have been outside of my regular sphere of influence. I like to refer to it as¬†“STRETCHING.” I had a 3:00 PM appointment with some powerful motivation … a¬†webinar I had signed up for yesterday on “bouncing back.”¬†I hadn’t listened to or watched any of Sonia Ricotti‘s audios / videos prior to today so¬†I went into it with a completely open mind. I’m so glad I did!

Most of the time we don’t even realize how our subconscious mind controls absolutely every aspect of our lives. Yes, we can consciously maneuver through life¬†and think that we are completely aware and in control, but most of us aren’t … and we don’t even know it!

Sonia said something in her webinar that really struck me, using terminology that¬†really got my attention. In my head I heard, “ding, ding, ding.” She said that we need to “upgrade our mental software.” Hmmmm, interesting concept. Very interesting!¬†If you didn’t know, there IS science behind this!


We¬†hear a lot about “garbage in, garbage out,” and how we need to change the way we think. Even Zig Ziglar talked about “stinkin’ thinkin'” in his training. But, just changing the way our¬†conscious mind thinks isn’t enough because the conscious mind isn’t in control of what we¬†attract. Our subconscious mind is.

So, with everything I took in today I got to thinking. I’ve always been “intuitive.” For the most part, my “gut feelings” are usually right on. I’m sure many can relate. The trouble is that a lot of times I shrug off those feelings because I second guess myself. What do you think … is it my conscious mind taking control and second guessing, or my subconscious mind? You got it … it’s my subconscious mind. I’m “out of sync,” for lack of a better phrase. Consciously, I’m aware and ready to live up to my full potential, but my underlying ideas, fears, etc., are steering the ship. Ugh! This isn’t good. How have I let this happen? Without even knowing it, I’ve been holding myself back!

At this point I invite you to give yourself a gift … the gift of learning how to be “Unsinkable.” While much shorter than the webinar I attended today, this video, under eight minutes, just might change your life!

CONCLUSION:¬†I can’t control the past because it’s behind me. I can’t control the future because it’s yet to come. I can take hold of this very moment and that’s exciting. Doesn’t the thought of that make your burden feel so much lighter? I know it does for me. This doesn’t mean that I can float through life without working toward my goals. It means that I can take control of now, start “upgrading my mental software,” and chart a new course¬†that will completely align my conscious and subconscious thoughts. That’s pretty darn powerful.¬†And, as a closing thought … your circle of friends are a BIG influence! You become like those you surround yourself with. Be careful not to be dragged into¬†negativity. Seek out others who are positive and you’ll be surprised how much it rubs off on you … literally!



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