Extraordinary Bosses – Your Claim to Fame?

It takes an extraordinary boss to foster an environment of community. The really good bosses almost always seem to have a sixth sense … they see beyond the fray. There’s usually one or two in a company that truly stand out from the rest, and people want to be on their team.


I found an excellent video that’s under eight minutes showcasing Marcus Buckingham (GREAT read), an expert on outstanding leadership and management practices. He is also co-author of two best-selling books, First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths, and his newest book, The One Thing You Need to Know.

To further expand on this topic, I providing a link to an article written by Geoffrey James, contributing editor of Inc.com.  He interviewed some of the most successful CEO’s in the world and found that they all had some things in common.  His article outlines the differences between average and extraordinary bosses as noted in the “8 Core Beliefs” below.



1) Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield
2) A company is a community, not a machine
3) Management is service, not control
4) My employees are my peers, not my children
5) Motivation comes from vision, not fear
6) Change equals growth, not pain
7) Technology offers empowerment, not automation
8) Work should be fun, not mere toil



We should all strive to be our best, and to give a hand up to others along the way. When we’re truly engaged with others, we foster an environment of “community.” 

To learn more about the “8 Core Beliefs,” click here> Extraordinary Bosses



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